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    Man of many faces.

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    How do you like your eggs?

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    The Queen was VERY excited that her horse won The Royal Ascot’s Gold Cup. 

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    That’s a zoo I’d visit!

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  11. I firmly believe that cats love human food. My girlfriend always gets mad but I think if its good enough for me its good enough for them, am I right? Plus our cat loves hot dogs so thats all the proof I need. 

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    NOOO! Not Spalding!! …wait…that doesn’t sound right.

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    Mysischev 3MD

    It was built in 1960 by the design bureau named after V. M. Myasischev. This modification of 3M had a better equipment, VD-7B engines,  longer and more pointed nose part with a boom of a fuel receiving device at its end, wider wings. The aircraft was first demostrated in the airport of Domodedovo, Moscow in July, 1967. NATO code – Bison-C.

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