1. Yahoo buys Tumblr 

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    That’s man contact. 

    J/J man contact!

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    Polish heart surgeon after 23 hours long heart transplantation. Surgery was succesful. His assistant is sleeping on the floor (1987)

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    Ocean’s 11 (1960) | AMid-Century Modern Mecca

    No other movie captures the mid-century modern high style of old Las Vegas than 1960’s Ocean’s Eleven. The vast majority of the movie was filmed on location in Vegas and inside the 5 casinos, Flamingo Hotel, The Sands, The Desert Inn, The Riviera, and The Sahara Hotel. This makes the film a valuable snapshot of what Las Vegas once looked like, a celluloid form of historical preservation, if you will. - Via

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  5. Me when people say my camera gear looks heavy. 

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    Saw this in a parking lot over by Paws Way.

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    May the 4th be with you.

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    My dad gave this business card to me last week and without cracking a smile, told me that someone has stolen my title.

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    World Press Freedom Day, Redux

    Additional imagery from Reporters Without Borders to go along with our earlier post.

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