1. Have You Had Your Head Up Your Ass?

    Not sure if everyone has heard but there was a plane crash in Ontario on Friday - all 4 occupants were killed and the story is huge - its been covered at every level and by every outlet imaginable. 

    I covered the removal of the plane and debris and I am in the process of offering my photos to different newspapers in the area. The email I got back from one editor was this: 

    "I’m sorry. I’ve been away for the weekend. Where was the crash?" 

    I’m sorry; have you had your head up your ass all weekend? How have you avoided any sort of news so entirely? 

    Not to mention the plane crash happened just to the North of the town where the paper is. 

  1. theflintstoners said: this. is. hilarious. they. live. in. their. butt.
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